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The Children Books Review
False Sight #2 by Dan Krokos

Best Young Adult Books with Celine Garcia
YA Summer Reading: Sizzling Hot

Celine Garcia is a reader who loves YA and has a passion for writing; these two interests merge seamlessly in her weblog I Blog, You Read where she shares her thoughts on the YA books that she reads. We think the list of books she has selected for some YA summer reading are sizzling hot and we hope you agree. Celine would love to hear your thoughts on the books below and invites you to follow her reading journey over at I Blog, You Read.

The Children Books Review: False Sight by Dan Krokos

This is a pretty incredible time to be a reader of the YA genre. There are so many original titles that offer many possibilities to be whisked away by the wide imaginations of today’s authors. I think I have come up with a wide variety of titles to get excited about. Some great sequels to some pretty original series and a couple of stand-alone contemporary fiction titles that promise laughter, self-discovery and plenty of summer romance. When I think about these next titles it’s quite hard to contain my geekery. This summer will definitely need a strategic reading schedule.

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | August 6, 2013

The Children Books Review

False Sight

by Dan Krokos

Dan Krokos can pack some serious action into a book. His first book was excellent and had a high level of writing that was like watching an action movie. He’s a master at conspiracy and keeps you guessing while Miranda struggles with whom to trust. This is why I am excited about False Sight. I will be rocking in my chair, anxious until its August release.

Miranda is a clone, designed to be an ultimate weapon. She takes her friendships seriously, so when one of them goes rogue it will cause a divide that will offer a superb conspiracy story. Miranda is a strong hardcore character. I am afraid of what she could do to someone because of Dan Krokos’ well-written fighting sequences. The first book was about trust and the header of the False Sight reads, Forget What You Know. I am so in!